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Lesson du Jour: If you need a smile, track the golden retrievers tag

I was just stressing out about the million and a half things I have to do and getting sad and desperate that I wouldn’t complete any of them, at least not well, and then I started scrolling down the golden retriever tag and soon realized my cheeks were hurting from smiling so hard. Saved the tag for next time!

this is my own golden baby Holly being a snowpuppy! Smile!

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The Perks of Being a Dog-Walker

2009, late summer, almost fall. I just got a new job working the front desk of the university theater’s box office, home to the professional productions and the majority of theatre classes. SO much better than my old job, which had its own issues and inconveniences. This was a pretty perfect work-study position for me - while working the desk I could do homework, I made friends with all of the department staff (which is not only just pleasant, because friends are good, but yay! contacts! recommendations!), and of course, money. Money is good. Pay per hour there is pretty decent for work-study, especially since aside from making copies, answering phones, occasional errands, etc., there’s very little I actually have to do. Hours was the problem. See, the theatre department is open Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It’s a very popular job, especially for those within the department, and college students all need jobs, especially good pay/low-stress ones like mine. As a result, very few hours to go around to all the student workers, and even if pay per hour is good, if number of hours is not, the pay is not enough. Remember what I said about money being good? Well I needed more of it. So just as my sophomore year was starting, I started looking at the student employment website for more opportunities within the area, something small to supplement my work-study pay and buy food and stuff. Food and stuff are both good, like money. Anyway, there it was: the best possible solution. A lady who lived about two blocks away from campus, was looking for someone to walk her 8-year-old golden retriever on weekday afternoons. One thing about me: I LOVE dogs. Lots of people love dogs, yes, but my love surpasses many norms. I wrote my college common application essay on how my dogs have influenced my life and make me a better person and how I aspire to emulate them. My dogs. Yes. My grandmother complains that all my (immediate) family talks about is our dogs. etc. etc. etc. Oh, and the three dogs I’ve owned, and all of the dogs that my mother and cousins have ever owned? Golden freaking retrievers. Fate, is that you? Oh hi there, thanks from me! So I e-mail this lady, tell her my schedule and experience and she e-mails back! Her answer was something like: you sound perfect for the job, but someone else got to us first and their afternoon schedule seems more flexible, thanks anyway. So I was bummed. And still needing a second job. A few days later: another e-mail from golden retriever owner lady! Turns out prompt applicant number 1 of the flexible afternoons had exaggerated their experience with dogs and upon seeing the golden, was all “oh crap, I thought you meant a small dog, this is a big dog, gotta go, peace out” so would I like to come meet the dog and walk and talk with his owners? Um, yes, I think I would. So I met Star, one of the sweetest, most wonderful dogs in the world, walk around the block with his owner, she explains how their son is off to college and she and her husband are both busily-scheduled doctors and I win them over, of course, and the job is mine. A year and a half later, almost exactly, I still walk Star five wonderful days a week. After today’s walk, I brought him inside and was rubbing his ears when Mr. Star’s dad comes in as he sometimes does and comments, “What a happy boy!” I smile at the smiling Star (you know doggie smiles, like when they’re kind of almost panting and all bounce and energy?), and agree. “You’ve really brightened up his life,” Star’s dad says to me. And I am just so happy about that. I got my money, which helps out with food and stuff, but to have made this dog happy just wins it all. “Thank you,” I reply, “he’s definitely brightened up mine, too.” So true. 

My friend, Star, resting after a long, refreshing walk. I can’t believe I get paid for this. Well except when I have to go in rain or freezing cold or snow or sweltering heat. Then, the pay helps some. 

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